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A clean home is a happy home, which is why CLEANING SOLUTIONS SPECIALIST, LLC. offers an extensive cleaning services for homes as well as businesses.

We know that there are many different occasions in which it is necessary to have a clean home or company.  We provide elite services that are held to a high standard in the industry.

CLEANING SOLUTIONS SPECIALIST, LLC. will ensure that your home or company is ready for that special event, visitors or simply to ensure that your space is always hygienic.

  • DEEP CLEANING SERVICE – this is an intense cleaning service that includes the interior of cabinets, shelves and much more. (Perfect for special occasions, visitors, reunions or simply to have the ease of having your home or business in immaculate conditions).
  • REGULAR CLEANING SERVICE – (Perfect to maintain your clean environment from day to day)

Below we have provided some, but not limited to, of the services provided through our deep cleaning service:

  • Total cleaning and disinfection of sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets and removal of accumulated grease on stove tiles, kitchen sink and island counter tops, extractor hood (external cleaning)
  • Interior and exterior cleaning of all cabinets, drawers, accessible shelving, painted woodwork, baseboards, counters, and all entry doors, including windows adjacent to entry
  • Dust vertical and horizontal surfaces, such as furniture, frames and lighting accessories, among others
  • Manual cleaning of all ceiling fans, blinds, and vents
  • Sweep, vacuum and mop all tiles, vinyl and/or linoleum floors without carpeting
  • Vacuuming exposed carpeting
  • Cleaning glass, mirrors, guides or window frames, doors and interior glass
  • Exterior cleaning of large and small appliances
  • Cleaning the exterior of any fireplace, scrub inside the oven, including racks
  • Eliminate all cobwebs throughout the property
  • Cleaning and sweeping the main entrance
  • Removal of garbage and placing it in the trash bin (cleaning of any plastic garbage container)

We will clean, beautify and transform your space. We constantly exceed the expectations of our custom service. Each of the services performed in house cleaning are supervised while providing excellent quality.

We can personalize our residential cleaning services to satisfy your home and family’s needs.

Get the cleaning services that your home needs.


We provide ideal commercial cleaning services for office complexes, dormitories, medical offices, restaurants, church, shopping centers, industries, warehouses, banks and schools.  Below we have provided some, but not limited to, of what is included in the cleaning service:

  • Cleaning of furniture, chairs, sideboards, cabinets, baseboards, shelves and bookcases
  • Elimination of cobwebs and visible dust
  • Vacuuming floors, doormats, desk mats, and driveways
  • Dust and clean all desks, curtains or window blinds
  • Emptying trash and replacing garbage bags
  • Cleaning and disinfection of door handles, light switches, glass entrance doors (inside and outside) and the canopy or signage
  • Janitorial service
  • Trailer cleaning
  • And so much more

Each of the services that are carried out are supervised. Contact us and we will find a perfect solution to cover your needs. Inquiries and budgets are provided free of charge.

For more information, contact CLEANING SOLUTIONS SPECIALIST, LLC or call us at (513) 578-7798. Estimates are free.



CLEANING SOLUTIONS SPECIALIST, LLC offers a unique, high quality service. No matter how big the job is, our company is 100% trained to meet your residential and domestic or business interior and exterior cleaning needs.


  • (POST-CONTRUCTION CLEANING): we prepare your home, company, apartment, office or building to enter the real estate market. We have experience in beautifying and organizing your space to leave it in perfect shape for potential buyers. We specialize in cleaning large areas and surfaces, including factories, warehouses, commercial premises, parking lots, etc. We also clean with a pressure water pump jet (hydrojet) when necessary


CLEANING SOLUTIONS SPECIALIST, LLC. offers a thorough and detailed cleaning service for both homes and businesses. Our motto is “no job is too big or too small … we do it all!” Our company has a license, warranty and insurance. We are members of Cincinnati, Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

From the floors to the ceiling, organizing pantries and cabinets to laundry, we do it all. We guarantee adequate and necessary cleaning.

  • PRE-MOVE CLEANING we take care of preparing everything for your move, with a team of specialists, we can help you pack your house and clean before or after moving
  • OTHER SERVICES – EXTERIOR CLEANING we offer cleaning with pump-jet or hydrojet and external cleaning of windows

We offer a variety of services to improve your home or business, contact us and we will find a perfect solution to meet your needs.

Our cleaning staff is highly trained, uniformed, friendly, and supervised to ensure your needs are met. All employees undergo background checks and a supervisor is always present.

Contact us and we will find a perfect solution to meet your needs. Inquiries and budgets are provided free of charge.

For more information, contact CLEANING SOLUTIONS SPECIALIST, LLC or call us at  (513) 578-7798. Completely free estimate.







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